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Saturday, May 1, 2010

address to the haters of youtube

this post is addressed to the hater that felt the need to hit up one of my videos....so people!... she felt like there was nothing better to do but go to one of my videos and comment a very hateful comment...i went to check out her channel and realized that she didnt have any subscribers and she had NO picture of herself either...so what does that tell you...1. she either is too broke and doesnt have money for a camera to take a picture..2. shes probably a 900 lbs chick dat just eats her feelings and felt like she wanted to hate on a skinny bitch like me...3. she must really hate what i have and wished she had it.... i dont know u tell me...i just dont seem to understand why people have the need to judge people they dont know... im a great person if u get to know me and im a very good friend , mother, sister, daughter, cousin and awesome wife....but still without them even knowing who i am they feel they can judge me

well like kat williams says..." if u have ten haters by spring time u need to find a way to get 20 by the summer"... so u know what?..HATE ON BITCHES

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