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i am a 24 yr old mother of 2 and learning how to do makeup...if any1 has any tips feel free to leave them here as a comment or email


Sunday, November 21, 2010

 this is a holiday inspired look...i was inspired by the christmas holiday...i also have a double wing at the end of both eyes.. this is a very vintage pinup look as well...i used my 88 shimmer palette and some pigments...if u would like to see the tutorial for this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRNGn1-yre0

Saturday, November 20, 2010


im really sorry that i havent been updating my blog for awhile but i have no idea what i should post here....if u have any ideas i will sure get to post alot more...didnt really think anyone reads my blog..i would love to get to know u guys better...so just leave me a comment and tell me what u would like to see..love u all dolls

Saturday, July 17, 2010

elf and cherry culture haul

now for what we've all been waiting for ..and i know i was so excited when i opened this package is
the cherry culture haul
second is a amuse eye pencil in metallic blue
next is another eye pencil from amuse in metallic pink

i hope u guys enjoyed the swatches and this great haul becuz im so happy i got them and i cant wait to use them lmao...see u guys soon

Sunday, July 4, 2010

july 4th look/random piks

i had an amazing 4th of july with my inlaws....there was no fights and all the kids had fun..plus i got to show them that i can cook..lol..besides the fact that someone erased  a pic of me and my brother in law out of jealousy..lol..i can only laugh at that...what ever right?...i just loved my makeup and how well it came out..tell me what u guys think...i try to do a cut crease...is this how it's suppose to look?

but anywayz heres the pic hope u all like....not that i have alot of followers.lmao....i'm an ass

Saturday, May 1, 2010

address to the haters of youtube

this post is addressed to the hater that felt the need to hit up one of my videos....so people!... she felt like there was nothing better to do but go to one of my videos and comment a very hateful comment...i went to check out her channel and realized that she didnt have any subscribers and she had NO picture of herself either...so what does that tell you...1. she either is too broke and doesnt have money for a camera to take a picture..2. shes probably a 900 lbs chick dat just eats her feelings and felt like she wanted to hate on a skinny bitch like me...3. she must really hate what i have and wished she had it.... i dont know u tell me...i just dont seem to understand why people have the need to judge people they dont know... im a great person if u get to know me and im a very good friend , mother, sister, daughter, cousin and awesome wife....but still without them even knowing who i am they feel they can judge me

well like kat williams says..." if u have ten haters by spring time u need to find a way to get 20 by the summer"... so u know what?..HATE ON BITCHES

Sunday, April 25, 2010

pink pinup girl

ok so lets start..
1. first we wanna apply a base to out eyelids up to the brow bone and also our lower lids ... i used loreal's decrease.
2. u then want to apply a cream shadow for a base..i used nyx jumbo pencil in hot pink..on the lid and blend into the crease
3. apply a white cream shadow base on the brow bone and lower lid...i used nyx jumbo pencil in milk and blend out the color
4. use a hot pink eyeshadow for the lid and blend slightly into the crease..but only just a little...i used LA colors palette in tease
5.u then need a black matte eyeshadow to blend into the crease and get a new smokey look
6. get any highlight u like to use for your brow bone...i used sally's girl single e/s in snow and blend downward towards the black that's in the crease...make sure to blend out all the colors so there is no harsh lines...

now for the bottom lid
1. just blend the cream base you used earlier and put pink e/s with a small pencil brush...and then apply the black matte e/s but only to the other bottom corner and connect to the top lid...make sure to blend with the pink

for the face
1.use a nice rosy hot pink blush and place onto the apple of the cheeks..i used nyx desert rose

for the lips
1. u can apply any nude lipstick with a pink gloss on top...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

so im new to this

so hey my name is jasmine but u can call me cess....im new to this blog thing and if anyone has any tips then just leave a comment below.. i also have a youtube channel that i will be doing makeup collection and storage videos and haul videos on...if i get enough subbies then i will do a contest... my youtube channel is www.youtube.com/queencess1418....its free to subscribe so fell free to do so..i love to get to know people...so feel free to tell me about urself