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i am a 24 yr old mother of 2 and learning how to do makeup...if any1 has any tips feel free to leave them here as a comment or email


Sunday, July 4, 2010

july 4th look/random piks

i had an amazing 4th of july with my inlaws....there was no fights and all the kids had fun..plus i got to show them that i can cook..lol..besides the fact that someone erased  a pic of me and my brother in law out of jealousy..lol..i can only laugh at that...what ever right?...i just loved my makeup and how well it came out..tell me what u guys think...i try to do a cut crease...is this how it's suppose to look?

but anywayz heres the pic hope u all like....not that i have alot of followers.lmao....i'm an ass

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  1. Your makeup looks so pretty <3

    x Christine